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First Time in New York

The city of New York has been one of the most visited places in the world during the last five decades. Its famous streets, its emblematic buildings and the diversity of its people have made this city a paradise to explore. It is a tourist center with extensive information available to visitors and can provide an immersive experience for those who come for the first time. Where to start?


Ideally, start in the heart of New York, Times Square. From 42nd Street to 47th Street and between Eighth Avenue and Seventh Avenue, Times Square is an entertainment universe. The Broadway musicals with their ostentatious illuminated entrances, restaurants of all kinds of food and the iconic Duffy Plaza are surrounded by gigantic LED screens, creating an ideal place to be photographed among all the New York splendor. As Alicia Keys said, “No place in the world can compare.”


East of Times Square, the Rockefeller Center is located between Sixth Avenue and Fifth Avenue. Art Deco buildings surround the “Lower Plaza,” which features the famous statue of Prometheus. In winter, it is an exotic place to skate on ice under the beautiful Christmas tree. In summer, it is a unique place to eat under the shadow of the imposing G.E. tower, which is superimposed on the complex and whose observatory “Top of the Rock” is a must-see destination. With a 360-degree view, the observatory is made up of three levels (the upper one outdoors) and offers a spectacular view of the city.


Along 5th Avenue are all kinds of renowned stores, such as Tiffany, Rolex, Prada, Gucci, and Nike (among many others). St. Patrick’s Cathedral draws many who wish to contemplate its Gothic architecture and Renaissance frescoes. A little further north on 5th Avenue is the golden statue of Ulysses Grant in front of the Plaza Hotel. Right there, Central Park starts at 59th Street and up ahead is Millionaire’s Row and Billionaire’s Row. It’s undoubtedly an interesting tour from every point of view.


And this is just an appetizer of everything that is New York City, but it will give you a great start if it’s your first time in the city.

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